the story

Today, startups are everywhere – from your local incubator downtown, to Silicon Valley on HBO, to pretty much every company that pops up in your Facebook feed. But when Lionheart was created, this “startup culture” was only just beginning.

Our founders graduated college in 2009, on the heels of the worst financial crisis in recent times. With fewer, less secure opportunities in the job market, an unprecedented number of new grads decided to start their own companies. Lionheart Software was created to help this new type of small, often bootstrapped company launch great products – and we’ve been helping startups get off the ground ever since.

We are THE experts in creating foundational tech for startups - since before we got started, these types of companies & products just didn’t exist. It’s hard to remember, but in 2009, most companies weren’t based online – and hardly any had smartphones! We were one of the first to build mobile apps, and over the past decade, have honed our approach to building web and mobile products from the ground up, in the most elegant, scalable way possible.

“The lean startup” was a theory in 2008, and a reality in 2009. We were there from day 1, and still love what we do almost 10 years later.

We make big ideas come to life.

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    Partners in Success

    We want to see our clients succeed. Everything we do, from asking the right questions to guide the product, to creating code that is clean, intuitive and beautifully scalable, sets the stage for your future growth. Unlike other agencies, our goal is to make ourselves obsolete, not indispensable. We’ll put you on a path forward that you can sustain without our help, once you’re ready to grow your team (which we’ll help you do).

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    Exerpts in Foundation

    Building a new product is like building a house – you want your foundation to be solid enough to stand the test of time. Creating this “foundation” for a new web or mobile app requires a very different kind of know-how than when a company is in a slower growth mode. We specialize in creating the best infrastructure, and the most elegant foundational code, so your house will never crumble.

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    Unparalleled Experience

    Lionheart has been around since 2011, and we’ve helped 80+ companies design and develop their digital products. With experience creating market research and products for startups to Fortune 500s, we know just how to help your product succeed .And we’re experts at all the inner workings of development that you don’t have time for. But if you want to learn to code - we can help you there too.


Dan - Programming and Product Design

Whether it’s building LEGOs or writing code, Dan has always been drawn to making things. With 20+ years of experience, Dan was one of the first to build mobile apps, and is a top expert in Python (now the most popular language in the world). He has a degree in Applied Math.

Rachel - Market Research, Concept Design, and Information Architecture

Rachel officially joined Lionheart in 2016, after years of handling Fortune 500 clients by day, and startups at night. She specializes in asking the right questions to guide thoughtful product design and marketing – really understanding the customer to make sure that the products we build resonate with the market.