A beautiful, blazing-fast, and feature-packed Pinboard client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


May 2, 2014: Pushpin; Toda la Potencia de Pinboard en la Palma de tu Mano (Asier Garcia Morato)

March 18, 2014: Pushpin 3.1 update (The Sweet Setup)

March 13, 2014: Pushpin 3.1 Adds Advanced Searches, Keyboard Shortcuts (Macstories)

The Best Pinboard App for iOS (The Sweet Setup)

August 8, 2013: Pushpin Is the Most Amazing Pinboard Client Out There (Beautiful Pixels)

August 5, 2013: Pushpin for Pinboard (Tools & Toys)

August 4, 2013: Pushpin 2.1 Adds iPad Support and Speed Enhancements (Macstories)

August 4, 2013: Pushpin for Pinboard. Now With Full Support For Apple’s iPad. (Razorianfly)

August 4, 2013: Following UI Redesign, Pushpin For Pinboard Goes Universal With iPad Support (AppAdvice)

August 2, 2013: A Pinboard Reading Library (Macdrifter)

June 21, 2013: Pushpin 2.0: A Powerful Pinboard Client for iPhone (Macstories)


I finally signed up for Pinboard thanks to Pushpin 2.0 and haven’t looked back since.Mikhail Madnani
I wished hard enough and it came true: the clean, clear, and stable Pinboard iOS app of my dreams was written and released by someone much smarter than me and you should give them your money.Jim Jazwiecki (@jimbecile)
[T]he only option out there for a full-featured Pinboard experience on the iPhone. Shawn Blanc (@shawnblanc)
This is exactly what I want in a Pinboard app for iPhone.Alex Payne (@al3x)


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